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Hey Weeb!


A little about me...

My name is Paul and I started Nerdloot as a fun hobby for myself.  I worked in a sales job that I absolutely HATED.  Somewhere along the line I got the opportunity to work with a laser engraver.


Slowly but surely I found out that I loved being able to make custom gifts for people. I thought to myself "wouldn't it be awesome if I could do this with anime?". And thus, Nerdloot was born.


I am a small business owner who specialized in all things weeby.  I love the Anime and Gaming world and I am striving to bring it to life in a fashion that hasn't been done before. I hope to share my passion with you and unite the weeb world.


Nerd-loot is more than just about shopping.  Its about taking all those nerds, weebs, cosplayers and artists who share passion in what they love, and bring them together.  It's about building our world as one.


So live with passion!

Express yourself!


We are here to help