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Whether you're a current content creator looking to publish in more places, or just starting out, then this is for you.


I want to allow content creators of all types to publish their passions for free.  I drive a lot of online traffic to nerd-loot and this is your chance to capitalize on that.  By submitting your content, I will publish it on the website and include your social media so that you can get extra free traffic to your pages.

We are all part of an amazing community and I want to build this WITH you.


Types of Content include but are not limited to:

-Twitch Streamers


-Artwork (yes you can sell your art on our products!)

-Tiktok Creators (or any video)



If you want to hear more just Click one of the links below! No catch and nothing is final. Have a great day and continue to live by filling your passion.  Any other questions please email


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